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Our hedge trimmer has a well designed structure with pretty appearance, and it allows safe and reliable operation, small vibration and high working efficiency. Thus, our product can be applied to trim the hedge of garden, road, airport, street, factory and office, etc. This equipment is suitable for trimming tea trees as well.

Technical Parameters
Model 3CX-750 Hedge Trimmer
Mating Power 1E33F
Discharge Capacity 25.6cc
Power 0.7kW / 6500r/min
Tank Capacity 0.65L
Weight 6.8kg
Cutting Width 750mm
Model 3CX-600 Hedge Trimmer
Mating Power 1E33F
Discharge Capacity 25.6cc
Power 0.7kW / 6500r/min
Tank Capacity 0.65L
Weight 6.8kg
Cutting Width 600mm
Model 3CX-560 Hedge Trimmer
Mating Power 1E33F
Discharge Capacity 25.6cc
Power 0.7kW / 6500r/min
Tank Capacity 0.6L
Weight 6.8kg
Cutting Width 560mm

Maintenance and Storage
Daily Service

1. Clean dust and greasy dirt on the surface of gasoline engine.
2. Dismantle the air filter, and wash the filter element using gasoline.
3. Please make sure if oil leaks in the joint of oil pipes or air leaks in the adjoining face. In addition, you should check the compressing condition.
4. Inspect the outer fastening screw of the engine. Tighten it if it is loose, and reinstall it if it falls off the machine.
5. After maintenance, please cover the hedge trimmer with plastic cloth and put it at dry and cool place. These actions can prevent it from dust, greasy dirt, moisture and heat which may lead to problems in starting the engine.

50 Working Hours Maintenance
1. Finish daily service.
2. Clean the fuel tank.
3. Remove the deposited carbon on the spark plug and the deafen board of the silencer. Then, adjust the spark plug gap at 0.6-0.7mm.
4. Disassemble the wind scooper, and clean the greasy dirt and dust on the wind scooper and between cylinder cooling fins.

100 Working Hours Maintenance
1. Complete 50 working hours maintenance.
2. Take down the cylinder block and piston ring, and then remove the deposited carbon in the following places, cylinder combustion chamber, air vent, top of the piston, groove of the piston ring and spark plug.
3. Clean the inside of crankcase. Meanwhile, you need to rotate the crankshaft continuously which is helpful for cleaning the main shaft and connecting rod bearing.
4. Detect the ignition system. Set the magneto gap at 0.4-0.5mm, and check if the spark plug ignition condition is ok. Then, inspect the connecting condition between high-voltage lacquered wire and circlip of spark plug.

500 Working Hours Maintenance
Dismantle the entire hedge trimmer except connecting rod of crankshaft, and then clean and examine the machine. In addition, inspect the wear condition of the expendable components, then repair or replace them according to specific condition.

Machine Tools
1. When the hedge trimmer has worked for 18 hours, 30# machine oil should be added to the blade.
2. After 50 hours of working, please add high temperature lubricating grease (No.3 lithium complex grease) to the bevel gear box and transmission case.
3. Please repair or change the blade under the condition that the blade is blunt, incomplete, or cracks,

1. Drain away the oil in fuel tank.
2. Burn the fuel in carburetor completely.
3. Wash the air filter carefully, and then put it back.
4. Dismantle the spark plug, add several drops of engine oil into the combustion chamber, and then pull the starter for several times to make the piston stop near the top dead center.
5. Take down the blade and add a little engine oil on both sides.
6. Clean all of the components and coat some engine oil on the metal parts.
7. Inspect every component, and replace the damaged ones as soon as possible.
8. Put the hedge trimmer at well-ventilated and dry warehouse.

Aosheng is a professional hedge trimmer manufacturer based in China. We offer a vast array of products, including 51CC brush cutter, garden power sprayer, mist blower, gasoline water pump and more.

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