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Our lawn mower has many great properties, such as outstanding and steady performance, low noise and oscillation, smooth grass collecting, artistic appearance, long service life and easy maintenance. Meanwhile, our product is fine manufactured using high quality material, and it is durable, safe and comfortable with a reasonable price. Based on the superb performance and competitive price, our machine is your ideal choice.

This lawn mower has a wide range of application. For example, it is suitable for cutting grass on the playground of school and small size lawn. Also, it can be applied for trimming grass in golf court and other large size lawn.

After work, you must take down the spark plug first in case the engine starts automatically when you are cleaning or rotating the blade.

You need to grind the blade frequently to keep it sharp, and the lawn will be neat and beautiful after processed with sharp blade. Meanwhile, the cut would be very small which prevents the grass from potential disease. On the other hand, if the lawn is processed with a blunt blade, not only will the grass be in bad condition, but the machine may also be damaged. When a blunt blade is used, the resistance of transmission shaft increases which adds load to the machine, and the working efficiency is lowered. Also, the working temperature rises, and the abrasion condition of the equipment can become more serious. So, please keep the blade sharp, improve the working efficiency and guarantee the normal running state of the law mower. In addition, you should check regularly if the blade is balanced, and if it is out of balance, vibration problem may occur and the components of this machine may be damaged.

As a professional lawn mower manufacturer and supplier in China, Aosheng provides a wide range of products that includes hand push lawn mower, hedge trimmer, four stroke water pump, power engine, and much more.

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