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Brush cutter is a portable gardening tool which can be operated by a single person. A small gasoline engine is applied to supply power, and the blade rotates via the transmission shaft to complete all kinds of operations. Our product has many excellent properties, such as reasonable structure, powerful engine, small vibration, high efficiency, easy start, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, guaranteed safety and reliability, and long service life. This machine can be used to cut the shrub in the grove to facilitate the growing of trees and the walking of people. Also, it is suitable for small lawn and other places where lawn mower can't be applied. Based on the superb performance, this product is widely applied for harvesting the pasture of grasslands, cutting weeds in the garden, lawn, road side and airport, and trimming the shrub in the woods. In addition, there shouldn't be things that may damage the blade in the working area, such as metal, stone, hard wood and plastic, etc.

Maintenance of Gasoline Engine
Daily Service

1. Make the engine surface of brush cutter free from dust and greasy dirt.
2. Disassemble the air filter, and clean the filter element with gasoline.
3. Check if oil leaks in the joint of oil pipes or air leaks in the adjoining face. Also, you need to detect the compressing condition.
4. Please check the outer fastening screw of the engine. If it is loose, tighten it, and if it drops, reinstall it.
5. After maintenance, please put the engine at dry and cool place, and cover it with plastic cloth. In order to avoid difficulty in starting the engine, you must keep it away from dust, greasy dirt, moisture and heat.

50 Working Hours Maintenance
1. Complete daily service first.
2. Clean the oil tank of this brush cutter.
3. Remove the deposited carbon in the spark plug, and set the gap within 0.6-0.7mm.
4. Remove the deposited carbon on the deafen board of the silencer.
5. Take down the wind scooper, and sweep the greasy dirt and dust away from the wind scooper and cylinder cooling fins.

100 Working Hours Maintenance
1. Finish the 50 working hours maintenance process.
2. Dismantle the cylinder block and piston ring, and then clean the deposited carbon in the following places: cylinder combustion chamber, air vent, top of the piston, groove of the piston ring and spark plug.
3. Clean the inside of crankcase. In order to clean the main shaft and connecting rod bearing, you should rotate the crankshaft continuously during this process.
4. Check the ignition system. First of all, set the magneto gap at 0.3-0.4mm. Second, make sure that the spark plug ignition is all right. Finally, check if the connection between high-voltage lacquered wire and circlip of spark plug is in good condition.

500 Working Hours Maintenance
Disassemble the brush cutter except connecting rod of crankshaft, clean and inspect the machine. Meanwhile, check the wear condition of the expendable parts, then repair or replace them according to specific condition.

Maintenance of Tools
1. After the brush cutter has worked for 50 hours, please add high temperature lubricating grease (No.3 lithium complex grease) to the gear box and coat the same grease on the surface of stiff shaft.
2. If the blade is blunt, incomplete, or cracks, please repair or change the blade.
3. When the machine is going to cut hard object, please turn off the machine, and set the blade and the object at proper position. If grass or branch twines on the blade, clean them after the machine is stopped.

1. Empty the fuel tank.
2. Clean the air filter, and then reinstall it.
3. Take down the spark plug, add several drops of engine oil into the combustion chamber, and then pull the starter for several times to make the piston stop near the top dead center.
4. Take down the blade and add a little engine oil on both sides.
5. Carefully clean every component and add a little engine oil on the metal parts.
6. Check all the parts of the machine, and please replace the broken ones.
7. Place the brush cutter at well-ventilated and dry warehouse.

As a professional brush cutter manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers a broad range of products that includes 25CC brush cutter, hand push lawn mower, hedge trimmer, and gasoline water pump, among others.

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