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Backpack (side-attached) grass trimmer is scientifically designed with artistic appearance, and it allows safe operation, big power, small vibration and high working efficiency. Our machine can be used in many fields, such as harvesting pasture of grassland, cutting shrub of mountainous area, and trimming weeds of garden, road side and airport. In addition, make sure that there is no metal, stone, hard wood or plastic in the working area, because these things may damage the blade of this grass trimmer. Furthermore, if the equipment is going to cut tough things, please turn off the machine first, and set the blade and hard object at appropriate position. When there is grass or branch twined on the blade, you need to shut down the machine and clean the blade. Here are some details about the maintenance and storage.
1. Clean the sponge in the filter, remove the carbon on the spark plug, and the spark plug gap should be within 0.6-0.7mm. In addition, the dirt on the cylinder and silencer should be washed away as well.
2. Please check carefully if leakage problem occurs or the nut of bolt is loose.
3. You should add lubricating grease to some parts after the machine works for some time. The working interval and target place are as follows. 15-20 hours, joint of flexible shaft and aluminum pipe; 50 hours, gear box; 100 hours, joint of machine and rack.
4. Before storage, you need to empty the fuel tank and carburetor, and then put the grass trimmer at dry place.

We are a professional grass trimmer manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive line of products, including brush cutter, power engine, hedge trimmer, and mist duster, among others.

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