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Power sprayer is a light and flexible plant protecting machine with high working efficiency. It has novel structure, unique design and artistic appearance, and the spray uniformity is ensured. Our product is durable and protects the user from potential danger. Due to the evenness of pressurization, the service life of our machine is extended greatly. Meanwhile, the machine takes up a little space, and it is very light. Two people can carry it easily, and it is comfortable to carry our product on your back. High quality trolley can be equipped to form a power sprayer unit, and this unit is suitable for pesticide and liquid fertilizer spraying, cleaning work as well as water feeding. With the help of waterwheel, you can move this machine during working to meet different requirements. When the machine is used to spray mist, 8 spray heads or 2 spray guns can be equipped simultaneously, and the atomization effect is remarkable. Meanwhile, our product has convenient hand pushing structure, and 2 men can work together (one controls spraying operation and the other controls the trolley). Also it allows operation in small area with single person, and you can spray liquid or other chemicals freely with the help of high-pressure flexible pipe whose length is 30-50m, and you can move the trolley manually according to working requirement. In addition, modular design is applied, and we make full use of the advantages of gasoline engine, and many optional functions are available. As a result, user will benefit from our machine greatly.

Power sprayer is mainly applied for large scale work, such as chemical weed control, epidemic prevention, spraying particle fertilizer and pesticide, pest control of cotton, wheat, rice, fruit tree, tea tree and other crops. This machine is especially suitable for spraying pesticide and liquid fertilizer in orchard, nursery garden, farmland and lawn, and people can get rid of heavy work. On the other hand, it can be used to clean vehicle, equipment, wall, door, window, humidification and atomizing work of garden and flower. When the machine is carrying water, the range is more than 100m, so it is the ideal product for small water flow feeding for high-rise building. This equipment can put out fire in small area if there is no fire fighting apparatus, and cuts down the lost, thus it can be applied by many companies. In addition, our product can be used in mountainous area, hilly area and scattered land as well.

Maintenance and Storage
Engine Oil Replacement

1. If the power sprayer is used for the first time, please replace the engine oil after one month or 20 hours of work. After that, the interval is adjusted to three months or 100 hours of work. The oil can be drained quickly and completely during warm up process of engine.
2. You need to take down the feeler gauge and oil drain bolt before draining oil.
3. Reinstall the bolt and tighten it.
4. Add clean engine oil to the setting point, and the engine oil capacity is 0.6L.
5. Please carefully wash your hands after work.

Air Filter
A dirty air filter will reduce the air flow of carburetor, and you'd better maintain the filter of this power sprayer regularly to avoid failure of carburetor. Under the condition that the environment is extremely dirty, please increase your maintenance frequency. If dirt and dust are absorbed into the engine, the rapid abrasion of engine will occur. So please don't use the engine without air filter. The maintenance procedures are listed below.
1. Screw out the butterfly nut, and take down the air filter and filter element.
2. Solution with high ignition point should be applied to clean the filter element, and the filter element needs to be dried by airing completely.
3. Put the filter element into clean engine oil, and squeeze redundant oil.
4. Install the filter element and cover of air filter.

Spark Plug
In order to keep the normal working state of engine, spark plug gap should be set within acceptable range, and the carbon deposit needs to be eliminated.
1. Disassemble the spark plug of the power sprayer, and please be careful. If the engine works normally, the silencer will be very hot, and you mustn't touch the silencer.
2. Visually check the spark plug first. If it is damaged obviously or the insulation ring cracks, please buy a new one. You need to clean the spark plug with a brush before it is fixed back.
3. Detect the spark plug gap using plug gauge. If the value is not within 0.70-0.80mm, please adjust the gap by pulling side electrode.
4. Make sure that the seal ring of spark plug is in good condition, and screw in the spark plug with specialized spanner to protect the thread. There are some details that you need to pay attention to. If you install a new spark plug, please screw for another 1/2 round after it contacts the seal ring. If it is a used one, you need to screw for another 1/2~1/4 round. The spark plug must be tightened, or overheating phenomenon will occur which may damage the engine. Don't adopt spark plug with inappropriate calorific value.

1. Daily service: sweep the dust or dirt of this power sprayer, and special attention should be paid to air cooling channel and air filter. Please check if the components are loose or damaged, and you need to adjust the abnormal parts or replace them. Also, you should repair component that leads to the spill or leakage of fuel as soon as possible. In addition, after spraying work, you'd better clean the tank with some water and then spray the water. This is helpful to clean the pesticide remained in the pipe.
2. After 30 hours of work: take down the air filter from the carburetor, and mix lubricant with gasoline or unleaded gasoline together to clean the filter. Sweep the dust on the silencer cover, cylinder cover, fuel tank and ventilator cover. Also, the oil-filter screen should be taken out from the fuel tank and carefully cleaned, and at this time, the fuel tank needs to be emptied and the rubber ring needs to be taken out as well. Disassemble the spark plug and clean the dirt in engine and electrode gap. The standard value of electrode gap is 0.6-0.7mm. If the engine is damaged or deformed, or the insulation part cracks, please replace relevant components. Please be noticed that the spark plug has great influence over the engine, so it must be detected regularly. When changing spark plug, please use L7T to add lubricating grease to gear box, and the grease must be specialized for gear box. You can squeeze the old grease out when the sleeve of gear rotation axis is pulled out.
3. After 100 hours of work: fasten the components of power sprayer first. Then, please check if oil exists between the brake pad of clutch and drum or between clutch liner and roller. If there is oil, you should clean this place with pure unleaded gasoline. Take down the float chamber of carburetor and wash away the dirt. The engine is completely electronic controlled, so there is no need to adjust the distributor. The electronic igniter is composed of electronic components, so don't heat it intentionally, and you shouldn't pull out the ignition wire unless you need to change parts. Meanwhile, take down the silencer and remove the carbon in the air outlet and silencer using a screwdriver. Also, you should tighten all the fastening parts.
4. Work in rainy or moist days: the engine will run abnormally when water exists in the fuel, and you should turn off the fuel bolt, take down the float chamber of carburetor, exhaust the fuel, and reinstall it after carefully cleaning. Also, the filter screen and spray head of this power sprayer should be washed to eliminate dirt.
5. Storage: if the machine is going to be stored for a long time, all the components including the tank should be well cleaned, and the metal parts need to be coated with engine oil. Please clean the filter screen in fuel tank using gasoline, and repair damaged parts. Add a little engine oil into the spark plug hole, pull the starter and make the engine rotate for several times until it is constringent. In addition, you need to empty the fuel tank. Loosen the discharge screw of float chamber in carburetor and drain the fuel, and then the engine should be started to run until it shuts down automatically. During storage, put the power sprayer at dry and cool place, and keep it away from dust.

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