120CC Power Sprayer

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120CC Power Sprayer
Technical Parameters
Model AS-EB1200
Displacement 120cc
Mating Power 2E48F
Rated Power 5kW / 6500r/min
Igniting Mode CDI
Starting Method Recoil start
Mixed Fuel Ratio 25:1
Average Air Volume 0.42m3/s
Net Weight 11kg

120CC power sprayer is the largest model in our power sprayers and the net weight is 11kg. 2E48F engine with power of 5kW is applied, and the rotation speed is 6500r/min. Our product has large displacement and average air volume of 0.42cm3, thus it can rapidly finish large area spraying work. In addition, CDI method is adopted which protects the user from potential danger.

Aosheng is a China-based 120CC power sprayer manufacturer and supplier. We provide a variety of products, including garden mist sprayer, 51CC brush cutter, industrial water pump, pesticide mist duster, and much more.

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