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Technical Parameters
Model AS-EB420 AS-EB600
Mating Power 1E40FP-3Z 1E46F-3
Displacement 41.5cc 56.5cc
Carburetor Type Diaphragm Diaphragm
Mixed Fuel Ratio 25:1 25:1
Average Air Volume 0.23m3/s 0.28m3/s
Power 2.13kW / 7500r/min 2.5kW / 7300r/min
Packing Dimension 50×40×52cm 52.4×41×51cm

Low displacement power sprayer contains two models which are AS-EB420 and AS-EB600. AS-EB420 adopts 1E40FP-3Z engine, and the engine power and rotation speed are 2.13kW and 7500r/min, respectively. Meanwhile, the displacement is 41.5cc, and the average air volume reaches 0.23m3/s. AS-EB420 is one of the large scale power sprayers, and its carburetor type is diaphragm with small volume and compact structure. On the other hand, AS-EB600 is designed for large scale spraying work, and it is capable of spraying pesticide or water of large area. Its engine is 1E46F-3 with power of 2.5kW and rotation speed of 7300r/min. In addition, the displacement and average air volume are 56.5cc and 0.28m3/s, and the spraying efficiency is noticeable. AS-EB600 is the ideal product for large scale work, and other models are highly recommended for small scale spraying project.

Our company is a specialized low displacement power sprayer manufacturer in China. We offer various types of products such as chainsaw, garden mist sprayer, 39CC grass trimmer and four stroke water pump.

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