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Power Washer Sprayer
Technical Parameters
Model AS808A
Tank Capacity 25L
Range ≥15m
Mating Power TB33
Mixed Fuel Ratio 25:1
Power 0.9kW / 6500r/min
Net Weight 10.5kg
Packing Dimension 43×35.5×67cm

Power washer sprayer has a high pressure pump whose pressure is 3.5-5kgs, and this pump is used to prolong the spray range. This machine is mainly designed to spray pesticide, but it can also wash cars and roads at the help of a spray gun. Meanwhile, this sprayer can work with a spray boom which makes the mist very soft, thus the machine is suitable for garden, vineyard and greenhouse.

As an experienced power washer sprayer manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only power sprayer, but also water pump, grass trimmer, mist duster, hedge trimmer, and more.

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