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Mist duster is a convenient and efficient machine used to protect plant, and it is suitable for operations in large area, such as chemical weed control, epidemic prevention, spraying particle fertilizer and pesticide, and pest control for cotton, wheat, rice, fruit tree, tea tree and other crops. Also, it can be used for the disinfection process in animal farm and storage places. This product can be applied in mountainous area, hilly area and scattered land as well. Two devices designed for dusting and atomization are equipped, and you can change the accessories according to your work.

1. The main parts of the mist duster adopt full plastic structure which leads to the light weight and good corrosion resisting property, so the operator will feel comfortable when using our machine.
2. Unique structure is designed and applied by our product. Stainless steel or reinforced corrosion-proof plastic is used to manufacture the components that come into contact with the chemicals, thus the corrosion problem is prevented and the service life is extended.
3. Aluminum holder is set inside the plastic rack, and the bottom end of rack is very heavy which lowers the center of gravity. Thus, the machine is firm and steady.
4. The big medicine tank mouth allows easy and convenient operation of adding pesticide, and you can even pour bagged pesticide into the tank directly.
5. Recoil starting method is applied by the engine, and the operation is quite facile. Protecting device is equipped to high-temperature part, and protective covers are used in the silencer and air inlet of draught fan. These facilities avoid potential danger and the safety of user is guaranteed.
6. This mist duster has great power, high and long range, and the spraying is uniform. It saves water and chemicals, and high efficiency is realized.
7. Both the joint of flexible pipe and draught fan cover and joint of bent pipe and draught fan cover adopt rotary structure. The flexible pipe is very durable.
8. The medicine tank and rack are connected together, and the oil tank is linked with holder. Meanwhile, vibration reducing mechanisms are applied by the engine and rack, thus the vibration of machine is decreased. In addition, straps and backrest are made of foamed plastic, and the worker will feel cosy.

Maintenance and Storage
Spraying Parts
1. After spraying mist, all the parts of our mist duster should be well cleaned, and don't leave any chemicals in the tank.
2. After dusting operation, the tank and powder ejection door need to be carefully swept.
3. Please loosen the medicine tank cover if the machine is idle.
4. After cleaning, the mist duster should run for 2-3 minutes at low speed.

Fuel System
1. Dust or water mixed with the fuel oil is the main cause of the failure of engine, so you'd better check and clean the oil system frequently.
2. Under the condition that remaining oil exists in the oil tank or carburetor for a long time, gumming phenomenon will take place and the oil way is blocked. That will lead to the abnormal working state of engine. Thus, please exhaust all the oil if the machine will be idle for a week or more.

Oil Filter and Spark Plug
1. The oil filter should be cleaned after one day work, because the engine power will be lowered if pesticide is on the sponge.
2. After the sponge is washed in oil, please squeeze the oil out of the sponge, and then put it back.
3. The reasonable gap of spark plug is 0.6-0.7mm, and you should check it regularly and make sure it is within the range.

1. Clean the surface of the mist duster, and coat the metal surface with antirust oil.
2. Take down the spark plug, and add 15-20g oil specially used for two-stroke engine into the cylinder, then turn it for 4-5 rounds manually to make the piston at the top dead center. Finally, put the spark plug back.
3. Screw off two bolts and take down the medicine tank, clean the powder ejection door, and inner and outer surfaces of the tank. Then, reinstall the tank and loosen the tank cover. In addition, special attention should be paid to the powder ejection door, because bad movement of the door and serious powder leakage will occur if there are remaining chemicals at the door.
4. The spraying parts need to be disassembled and carefully washed, and then they should be stored separately.
5. Make sure there is no oil in the oil tank and carburetor.
6. Cover the mist duster with plastic film, and keep the machine in a clean and dust-free place.

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