11L Mist Duster

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11L Mist Duster
Technical Parameters
Model 3WF-11
Tank Capacity 11L
Range ≥9m
Displacement 37cc
Fan Rotation Speed 5000r/min
Mating Power 1E36F-P
Rated Power 0.9kW / 5000r/min
Igniting Mode CDI
Start System Recoil start
Mixed Fuel Ratio 25:1
Oil Consumption Rate ≤680g
Net Weight 7.3kg
Packing Dimension 46×41×62.5cm

11L mist duster is a light model in our products, and the net weight is just 7.3kg which allows easy use and movement. The tank capacity is 11L which is relatively smaller than other models, and this machine is suitable for small and medium scale pesticide spraying work. In addition, the displacement of this mist duster is 37cc and the range is larger than 9m, thus the user can finish your work efficiently with the help of this equipment.

As a professional 11L mist duster manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides self propelled lawn mower, garden mist sprayer, hedge trimmer, small water pump, and more.

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