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Industrial Mist Duster
Technical Parameters
Model 3WB-750
Tank Capacity 14L
Range ≥15m
Displacement 42.7cc
Fan Rotation Speed 6500r/min
Mating Power 1E40F-5A
Rated Power 1.25kW / 6500r/min
Igniting Mode CDI
Start System Recoil start
Mixed Fuel Ratio 25:1
Oil Consumption Rate ≤610g
Net Weight 10.5kg
Packing Dimension 52×42.5×65cm

Industrial mist duster is equipped with a high pressure aluminum pump, and the spray range is prolonged if this pump is put into use, and the vertical range can reach 18m. Mitsubishi technology is applied to manufacture core components of the engine cylinder, and the engine is produced by us completely. Thus the service life of the engine is very long. Meanwhile, the tank capacity is 14L, and aluminum is adopted to produce the impeller. Our product has great power and displacement, and the spray range and area are very large. In addition, the mist area around the spray head is also big. Because of the mist spraying function and high range, this mist duster is suitable for insecticidal use in agriculture and disinfection in industry.

Our company is a professional industrial mist duster manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including greenhouse power sprayer, hand push lawn mower, industrial water pump, and chainsaw, among others.

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