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Our water pump has simple structure and many other great features such as easy operation and maintenance, stable running, large discharge capacity, high efficiency, convenient adjustment, strong self priming ability and wide application field, etc. It can be applied for lifting water from well, household water supply, draining water process of building and industrial/mining enterprise, farm and garden irrigation in rural area where electricity is not supplied. Sprayer and threshing machine can be equipped as well.

The small-size gasoline engine high speed centrifugal pump is our special product, and it consists of gasoline engine, water pump, pipeline accessory and rack. The gasoline engine supplies driving power. The engine and pump are connected with each other, and they are coaxial. This product has compact structure, and it gives reliable and efficient performance. Meanwhile, it uses gasoline instead of electricity, and only a little gasoline is needed. In addition, it is a four stroke machine, and two models with different water outlet diameter (2 and 3inches) are supplied.

1. If the running interval is 30 hours, you need to take down the spark plug, check the contamination condition and electrode gap. The spark plug needs to be cleaned if it is contaminated, and the electrode gap should be within 0.6-0.7mm. Under the condition that the electrode is seriously damaged or the insulation part cracks, please change the spark plug.
2. If the running interval is 50 hours, please detach the air filter and carefully wash it using pure gasoline or mixture of gasoline and engine oil. Dry it after cleaning, and then fix it again. In addition, you should disassemble the cylinder cover to see if there are weeds or leaves on it.
3. Please check and clean the engine if it has worked for 80-100 hours, and the electrode gap should be adjusted to 0.6-0.7mm. Then, reinstall the engine.
4. In the rainy or humid days, moisture may exist in the fuel oil which leads to the failure of engine. Under this condition, please turn off the fuel tap, dismantle the float chamber of the carburetor, and then exhaust the dirty oil inside, and reinstall it after washing. On the other hand, the pump will be damaged if the water is frozen, so you must exhaust all the remaining water in the pump and pipes when it is very cold in winter.
5. Since the engine can work efficiently and energy savingly for a long time if the ambient humidity is in acceptable range, you'd better sweep away dust, greasy dirt and other things on the engine surface at all times. Please make sure that there is no remaining water in the pump if the machine will be idle for a long time. In addition, when you assemble and disassemble the centrifugal pump, water should be exhausted and the components need to be coated with oil and stored. Furthermore, water inlet and outlet must be well sealed to prevent the entry of foreign objects, and the machine should be kept in cool and dry places.

1. Make sure there is no water in the pump and pipes.
2. Empty the fuel tank, and oil in the float chamber of carburetor should be evacuated.
3. Take down the spark plug and add a little engine oil into the cylinder, and pull the starter for several times to keep the piston at the top dead center, and then screw on the spark plug, but it shouldn't be too tight.
4. If you want to store this water pump for a long time, it should be well cleaned and engine oil needs to be coated on the surface of metal parts.
5. The damaged part needs to be repaired before storage, and please keep this equipment in dust-free place.

As a specialized water pump manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a variety of products, including low power water pump, garden mist sprayer, chainsaw, agricultural power sprayer, and more.

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