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Technical Parameters
Model QGZ50-30 QGZ80-30
Flow 25m3/h 60m3/h
Suction Height 8m 8m
Max. Head (Lift Height) 25m 30m
Discharge Capacity 163cc 163cc
Mating Power 168F/P 168FB
Water Outlet Diameter 50mm (2in.) 80mm (3in.)
Power 3.1kW / 3600r/min 4.8kW / 3600r/min
Net Weight 23kg 25kg
Packing Dimension 51×40×43cm 52×40.5×43.5cm

Our gasoline water pump contains two models which are QGZ50-30 and QGZ80-30. These two models are our large type machines with high flow, big discharge capacity and large diameter of water outlet.

QGZ50-30 is one of our large size machines with relatively heavier weight (23kg) and bigger power (3.1kW). The discharge capacity is 163cc which is also very big, and the diameter of water outlet is as large as 50mm, so high water flow of 25m3/h is achieved. Thus, this product can be applied for water drawing or irrigation by water diversion, and the process is very efficient. Based on these, this model can be used for medium and large size projects.

On the other hand, QGZ80-30 is the largest model in this series, and the weight and power are 25kg and 4.8kW, respectively. Its suction and lift heights are similar with other models, and the values are 8m and 30m. Meanwhile, the discharge capacity is 163cc, and the diameter of the water outlet reaches 80mm which is the largest among our products. As a result, this water pump is able to work with water flow of 60m3/h, and it's very suitable for large scale irrigation project.

Our company is a specialized gasoline water pump manufacturer based in China. We provide various types of products such as four stroke water pump, low displacement power sprayer, chainsaw, and lawn mower.

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