Industrial Water Pump

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Industrial Water Pump
Technical Parameters
Model QGZ25-30
Flow 8m3/h
Suction Height 8m
Max. Head (Lift Height) 30m
Discharge Capacity 40.2cc
Mating Power 1E40F-6
Water Outlet Diameter 25mm (1 inch)
Power 1.45kW / 7000r/min
Net Weight 7.5kg
Packing Dimension 35×29×35cm

Industrial water pump is our medium-sized product with artistic appearance, and the discharge capacity and power are big. Our product is suitable for common project. The pump power is 1.45kW with rotation speed of 7000r/min, and the diameter of water outlet is 25mm, thus 8m3/h of flow is achieved. The suction height of this water pump is 8m, and the lift height is 30m which is very helpful for lifting water to a certain height.

We are a China-based industrial water pump manufacturer and supplier. Apart from water pump, we also offer grass trimmer, mist duster, mist blower, lawn mower, and much more.

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