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Low Power Water Pump
Technical Parameters
Model QGZ25-20A
Flow 8m3/h
Suction Height 8m
Max. Head (Lift Height) 20m
Discharge Capacity 32.6cc
Mating Power 1E36F-2
Water Outlet Diameter 25mm (1 inch)
Power 0.9kW / 6500r/min
Net Weight 7kg
Packing Dimension 34×26×39cm

The low power water pump is a small model compared with others, and it takes up little space. The power and discharge capacity are also relatively small. This machine is suitable for small project. The diameter of the water outlet is 25mm, and the flow is 8m3/h. Water with the volume of 32.6cc will be exhausted with one turn of the pump. In addition, 1E36F-2 gasoline engine is applied as the driving force, and the power is 0.9kW. Furthermore, the suction height of this water pump is 8m, and the lift height is 20m.

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