Ningbo Aosheng Machine Co., Ltd.

Add.: Linshan industrial park, Yuyao city, Zhejiang province, China
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Garden Machinery Manufacturer

As a garden tool manufacturer located in China, Ningbo Aosheng Machine Company Ltd., is a Sino-foreign joint venture specializing in the design and production of landscape garden machine, plant protection machines, and small power engines. With over a hundred models of machines available, we supply domestic and global markets with our quality built water pump, mist duster, power sprayer, grass trimmer, brush cutter, lawn mower, chainsaw, mist blower, and more.
  • Knapsack Mist Duster
  • Knapsack Mist DusterKnapsack mist duster is specially developed for killing agricultural pests and industrial sterilization process, and it can spray mist and the range is very high. A high pressure pump can be equipped to extend ...
  • 11L Mist Duster
  • 11L Mist Duster11L mist duster is a light model in our products, and the net weight is just 7.3kg which allows easy use and movement. The tank capacity is 11L which is relatively smaller than other models, and this machine ...
  • Greenhouse Power Sprayer
  • Greenhouse Power SprayerGreenhouse power sprayer is mainly used to spray pesticide, but it can be used for other fields as well. For example, with the help of a spray boom, this machine can spray very soft mist which makes it suitable ...
  • 32CC Grass Trimmer
  • 32CC Grass Trimmer32CC grass trimmer contains five models including BG330B-N, BG330T, BG330N, BG330A-e and BG330E, and they share the same discharge capacity of 32.6cc.
    BG330B-N is equipped with 1E36F-2B engine ...
  • 30CC-39CC Brush Cutter
  • 30CC-39CC Brush Cutter30CC-39CC brush cutter includes 9 models, CG330C, CG350A, CG350, CG328, CG400, CG330, CG310, CG330T and CG330B. The discharge capacity of these products varies from 30.5cc to 39cc, and different ...
  • Self Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Self Propelled Lawn MowerSelf propelled lawn mower has three models, AS455SA, AS456SA and AS506SA. They are developed from the hand push lawn mower, but the drive type is self propelled which makes your work easier.